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Driver-first culture is key | white paper [READ]

Driver-first culture is key By Rob Hatchett, vice president of recruiting and communications (Aug. 2018) I try my hardest to be a “realist”. I...

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Covenant Transportation Group acquires Landair Holdings [READ]

COVENANT TRANSPORT SERVICES: Covenant Transportation Group acquires Greeneville, Tenn.-based Landair Holdings, Inc. in $83 million transaction Landair Transport, Inc. and Landair Logistics, Inc. join Covenant...

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Mitigating hurdles—white paper [READ]

Dealing with ELDs and driver shortage are part of transportation today, but mitigation is possible By Paul Newbourne, COO (May 2018) Today’s Challenge: ...

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More than $360,000 paid in teaming bonuses in May [READ]

COVENANT TRANSPORT: Driving teams collect $368,000 in bonuses in May under $40,000 Teaming Bonus program; launched Feb. 1, nearly $500,000 paid out under program through May 31 Chattanooga, Tenn. (June 21, 2018) ...

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Covenant pays $88,000 to more than 40 teams in May thanks to $40,000 Teaming Bonus  [READ]

COVENANT TRANSPORT: More than 40 driving teams trigger payouts under $40,000 Teaming Bonus program in April, collect $88,000 cumulatively. Launched Feb. 1, program puts money in drivers...

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Ryan Rogers joins Covenant Transport Services as Chief Transformation Officer [READ]

COVENANT TRANSPORT SERVICES: Chattanooga native brings acquisition, logistics and finance experience to multi-company enterprise Chattanooga, Tenn. (Feb. 16, 2018) — With today’s technology and tools,...

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Thank you, drivers [WATCH]

COVENANT TRANSPORT: We send our professional drivers a thank you message during the winter holiday season -- by reading out all 2,000-plus names.

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Teaming Bonus announcement [WATCH]

COVENANT TRANSPORT: Sharing the news on the day of our $40,000 Teaming Bonus program launch with new professional drivers in orientation in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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Drivers to receive biggest raise in company history [READ]

SOUTHERN REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT: Up to 6-cent-per-mile increase is second pay bump in six months for refrigerated carrier, as company officials double down on recruiting and...

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Covenant Transport launches first-of-its-kind $40,000 teaming bonus [READ]

COVENANT TRANSPORT: New program puts bonus money in team drivers’ pockets, cements Covenant as the leading employer of professional team drivers Chattanooga, Tenn. (Jan. 3, 2018) ...

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