Our Covenant stands as one of faith – in our foundation, in serving people and in generating value within the supply chain.



Treating others the way
you want to be treated.


Putting others before yourself.


Practicing integrity, honesty
and fairness in all situations.

Covenant Transport is more than just a trucking company. Across all of our companies, we provide numerous services to various clients across the nation. Teaming/expedited freight is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find out what those services include -- and in just 90 seconds!

Joey Hogan, President of Covenant Transport Group, sits down with Julie Baumgardner from First Things First to discuss how you can put family first as a busy professional driver.

At Covenant, we know all of our drivers work hard each and every day. So we wanted to take the time to say a personal thank you from the various departments that love and support our professional drivers.

Firm in our foundation -- our Covenant since 1986.