Covenant Transport


At Covenant Transport, our SAFETY CULTURE is engrained in everything we do. Safety matters! 

We run the newest equipment that employs the latest safety technology.  Safety is an important component of excellent service, and we pride ourselves on getting there safely and on time. 

Whether our professional drivers are new to the industry or have been driving for years, Covenant makes highway safety a top priority. Our commitment to industry leadership in safety initiatives and training are second to none.



Covenant’s Safety Department focuses on continuing education for experienced drivers who have been with the company more than 1 year. The course is three days long and includes an intense review of policies, procedures, safety issues, and FMCSA rules. After two days in the classroom, students complete Pro-Tread requirements, the Smith System class and any outstanding certifications. The trainers themselves must satisfactorily complete a training course prior to being assigned any students.


Safety Blitzes

Each year, Covenant hosts at least two Safety Blitzes in key regions across the country and encourages all drivers to attend. During the week, safety training focuses on safety technology, red flag management, defensive driving, and accident trends.


Safety Behind the Wheel

Covenant Transport drivers fully embody the commitment to C.A.R.E. (Communication, Attitude, Respect and Excellence). This pride is contagious and we continually have the opportunity to recognize our safest drivers through various programs:


40, 80, & 120 Club Members

Drivers who have driven either one million (40 Club), two million (80 Club), or three million (120 Club) consecutive miles without a chargeable accident at Covenant Transport become members of the 40, 80, or 120 Club. 40 Club members have driven the equivalent of 40 times around the globe without a chargeable accident, 80 Club members have driven the equivalent of 80 times around the globe without a chargeable accident, and 120 Club members have driven the equivalent of 120 times around the globe without a chargeable accident. That’s 65 million chargeable accident-free miles, or the distance of 2,600 times around the globe for these drivers alone, and many other Covenant drivers have driven thousands of accident-free miles!


State Truck Driving Championships

Drivers who have remained employed by Covenant during the 12 months prior to the state driving championship dates, and were accident-free during that period, are eligible to apply to compete in state championships. Covenant drivers have earned top awards in state championships and have gone on to compete at the national level.


Road Team Captains

Road Team Captains are ambassadors of the trucking industry to the public and it is an elite group of drivers. Covenant is proud to have representatives at both the state and national level. Our state and ATA Road Team Captains represent Covenant Transport and the trucking industry at public engagements and deliver the trucking industry’s safety message to the motoring public.