Southern Refrigerated Transport

Knights of the Road

At SRT we focus on World Class Safety and Heroic Customer Service. In transportation Heroic Customer Service is based on image, planning, attention to detail, proper securement, and communication.

Every one of our professional drivers are truly the Captain of the Ship, if you are tired, not feeling well, or uncomfortable due to weather conditions, you are charged with finding a safe haven and parking the unit until all is well. We are not looking for super truckers. What we need are well disciplined professional drivers who understand their limits.

During your time as a representative of SRT you are the most important part of our company. It is important that you present a respectable image to our customers. You should be clean, neat, and professional looking at all times.

Each employee of SRT is expected to conduct themselves in a manner to display a favorable image to the public. You are professionals; therefore, your conduct should be maintained as such. If you have any issues with customer personnel please just SMILE & DIAL operations or safety to address any issues that you may have.

As a professional truck driver planning includes, proper routing, fueling, rest breaks, available hours of service,  scheduling around potential weather, heavy populated areas, recovery times, and delays at shipper locations. Now it is fully understood that many of these variables can change instantly, so you as a professional should plan for any changes by giving yourself extra time. Many drivers will tell you if you are not an hour early to a shipper or consignee, you are late. This is probably one of the best plans.

When you are assigned a trailer, you need to make sure that it has been cleaned and is DOT roadworthy. Do not let a previous drivers failure to do there job become a detriment to your customer service. Whenever you pick up a loaded trailer make sure it is properly sealed and weigh your combined equipment ASAP.

When we get a chance to get in a trailer after it is loaded we have to properly secure the load with the load locks when applicable. Either way if we brace a load or not we should haul it like it’s a load of very fragile product.

Heroic Customer Service relies heavily on strong communication.  If we communicate any and all issues throughout the chain and especially to our customers, we will notice that the outcome will always be better. If we try to brush non-conformances under the carpet we will lose all credibility.

The care and safe keeping of any cargo hauled by SRT is the primary responsibility of all drivers. Any driver having knowledge of circumstances threatening any cargo should notify IRC, Safety, or operations. The thermostat setting on a reefer should be set to the customers requirements. The reefer unit and load is to be checked a minimum of every three hours for proper temperature and condition. Thirty minutes prior to arriving at the delivery point, you should make a special check of the temperature and condition of the load. During cold weather the check should be made two hours before arriving at each delivery. If the temperature and condition of the load are not proper, please call dispatch immediately.

If we follow these requirements SRT will get the reputation of providing Heroic Customer Service and classified as the best of the best, Knights of the Road!